Romans 1-4 – Week 2 –  Not a Pretty Picture

Dave Riddle – 9/24/2017

Key Passage: Romans 1:18-32

God’s Wrath

  • Romans 1:18
  • orgē (Greek: ργ) – anger, wrath, indignation


Disregard for his self-revelation

  • Romans 1:19-20
    • General Revelation – “…his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world.”
    • “Without excuse”
  • Romans 1:21

Creating a false Wisdom

  • Romans 1:22
  • Claiming to be wise they became fools

Embracing a false worship

  • Romans 1:23
  • We give our hearts to things other than God.
  • Success. family. money. Anything we put before God.

Given over by God…

  • paradidōmi (Greek: παραδδωμι) – to give into the hands (of another)

To an impure heart’s passions

  • Romans 1:26, 29

To a distorted mind

  • Romans 1:28
  • adokimos (Greek: δκιμος) – not standing the test, not approved. unfit for, unproved, spurious, reprobate

This is bad news… and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  • until we can see who we really truly are then we can’t fully appreciate what Jesus did for us by taking the fullness of God’s wrath upon himself.
  • Ephesians 1:4-8
  1. If you have never experienced the grace of God. Today is the day.
  1. If you have experienced God’s grace allow yourself to take another step towards the life that God is offering you.
  1. May we be filled with a sense of urgency about sharing the gospel.