Romans 1-4 – Week 6 –  The Great Question

Reagan Rose – 10/29/2017

Key Passage: Romans 3:21-31

The Great Question

  • How does a righteous God justify sinful people?

Righteousness – doing what is right.

Justification – a legal declaration of righteousness.

The Revelation of Righteousness

  • Romans 3:21
  • The law and the prophets point us to righteousness.

The Equality of Righteousness

  • Romans 3:22-23
  • All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

The Source of Righteousness

  • Romans 3:24-3:25a
  • Christ Jesus alone.
  • Propitiation – payment, atonement reparation.

The Justice of Righteousness

  • Romans 3:25b-26
  • All sin is punished. The question is who will pay for it? You or Christ?

The Humility of Righteousness

  • Romans 3:27-31
  • We’re all saved by faith. Our own righteousness is nothing to boast about.
    • Our boasting should only be about what Christ has done for us.