Thankful – Week 3 – A Grateful Witness

Dave Riddle – 11/26/2017

Key Passages: Luke 24:37-49, Acts 1:8

martys (Greek: μρτυς) – a legal witness; a historical witness, i.e. one who was a spectator of something. Ethically, those whose faith in Christ has been proven genuine by experiencing a violent death.

Sharing Jesus

His Identity

  • Who He really is!
    • If we don’t know who Jesus really is the we don’t really have anything worth sharing.
  • Luke 9:20
    • “You are the Messiah sent from God”
  • Jesus came to sacrifice His life so that we might have life in Him.

His Activity

  • What he has done.
  • Apologetics are important, but it’s more important to understand what Jesus has done and is doing in your life.
  • John 9:25
    • “I was blind, but now I see”

His Invitation

  • He invites us!
  • Matthew 11:18
    • People first have to recognize that there is a need.
    • Bringing people to the place of recognizing their need for Jesus is a work of the Holy Spirit.
      • Not our responsibility.

His Victory

  • He has already won!
  • 1 Corinthians 15:54-56
  • Romans 8:37
    • Eternity is something to look forward to, but never forget that we already live in victory today!