Major on the Minors – Pt. 2 – Salome

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Major on the Minors  – Pt. 2 – Salome 05.14.17 – Dave Riddle Key Passage: Matthew 20:20-23 Mark 15:37-41, 16:1-2 She was surrendered to Jesus Matthew 20:20 Mark 15:40-41 Matthew 27:56 akoloutheó (Greek: ἀκολουθέω) – literally, to be in the same way or on the same road. To follow one who precedes, to join or […]

The Spirit of Easter – Pt. 4 – The Gift


The Spirit of Easter – Pt. 4 – The Gift 04.23.17 – Dave Riddle Key Passages: John 14:15-31 John 14:16 –  Counselor paraklétos (Greek: παράκλητος) – counselor, advocate, comforter, helper Spirit of Truth John 14:17 The agent of truth: To teach and remind Spirit of Life John 14:19-20 “In us” through the presence of the […]

Community Good Friday Service – 2017


Community Good Friday Service 2017 04.14.17 – Dave Riddle, Mike Majeski, & Mark Hovermale The Multi-Church Community Good Friday Service is an annual gathering of local church congregations to celebrate and remember the great sacrifice of love in Jesus’ crucifixion and death. We are a global church. A national church. A community church. The church […]

Life Under God


Life Under God 03.26.17 York Moore Key Passage: Psalm 16 What can we do when we come face to face with an irresistible power? Psalm 16:2 Lord: master, ruler LORD (Jehovah/YHWH): particular covenant name for God Exodus 34:6 Life under God begins when we choose to find our identity as subjects of the LORD. Psalm […]